Stop Paying Regular SMS Service Provider, Transform Your Android phone into an SMS/MMS Powerhouse with Phone SMS Gateway

The Ultimate Automated Messaging Solution

Turn your mobile phone into the SMS Gateway for your applications. Send Marketing SMS and MMS using your Android device SIM.

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Easy To Use


Delivery Report & Status


Auto Responder


API & Webhook


No DLT Requirement

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Value for your money. 100% Satisfaction

Key Features

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Send Marketing messages

Leverage a CSV or Excel file containing numerical data to facilitate the efficient distribution of marketing messages.


Works in background

There's no requirement to keep the Android app active and running on your device for it to function effectively. This convenience simplifies its use with your everyday device, eliminating the need for a dedicated one.

chat box

Supports very long messages

You can send SMS messages with virtually no limit, as you won't be constrained by the traditional SMS character limit of 160 characters.


Supports delay between messages

You have the capability to set a delay between each message, allowing you to control the sending of a limited number of messages within a specific time interval.


Schedule messages

Send messages on schedule.

dual sim

Supports Dual SIM devices

Send messages using any SIM programmatically or using Excel file.

contact list

Contact lists

Create contact lists and import contacts into them using Excel file

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Contacts API

Add contacts or unsubscribe them from the list using the API.


Send message to contact list

Send message to contacts in a contacts list.


Unsubscribe contacts

Ability to allow a contact to unsubscribe from the contacts list.


Supports sending USSD requests

Additionally, our platform offers support for sending USSD requests, which can be conveniently initiated through the web panel or programmatically via API. All USSD request responses are readily accessible within the web panel. You have the flexibility to retrieve responses using the API or set up a webhook to receive them in real-time as they are generated. It's essential to note that this feature necessitates the use of a device running Android 8.0 or a more recent version.


Supports traditional and QR Code sign in

You have the option to log into the mobile app either by scanning a QR code or by manually entering your login credentials. When using the QR code method, there's no requirement to manually input the server URL and credentials within the app.

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Auto responder

SMS Gateway provides the capability to set predefined responses for specific messages. This means that whenever you receive a designated message, the app can automatically reply with the predefined response, streamlining communication and ensuring efficient responses to common inquiries or messages.

admin panel

Receive SMS messages in Admin Panel

SMS Gateway provides a convenient way to receive SMS messages in the Admin Panel and respond to them using a WebHook. Additionally, you have the option to activate the ability to receive SMS messages directly in your email, making it easy to manage and respond to messages from your preferred communication platform. This flexibility ensures efficient communication and allows you to choose the method that best suits your workflow.


Supports SMS delivery reports

SMS Gateway offers a valuable feature for tracking the delivery of SMS messages. By enabling delivery reports, the platform provides real-time status updates on message delivery. Messages that are successfully delivered will be reported as 'Delivered,' giving you visibility into the message's journey and ensuring that your communication reaches its intended recipients.



In SMS Gateway, each user account is equipped with its own blacklist feature. Users have the capability to add specific phone numbers to their personal blacklist, preventing messages from being sent to those numbers. Additionally, subscribers can opt to reply with "STOP," which will automatically add their number to the user's blacklist. This functionality ensures that unwanted messages can be easily avoided and enhances user control over their messaging preferences.


Multi language support

SMS Gateway is versatile in its language support, initially offering English and German languages. However, the platform is designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to effortlessly add additional languages by following the instructions outlined in the documentation. This flexibility ensures that you can cater to a broader audience and customize the user experience in various languages as needed.


Share devices

Admin can share devices to multiple users, so they can use it for sending.


Send MMS

The functionality extends to MMS support as well. You have the option to dispatch regular text messages as MMS, or alternatively, you can append image files to your messages. Moreover, an API is at your disposal, allowing you to send MMS messages programmatically. It's important to note that the successful utilization of this feature hinges on the availability of MMS services in your country and the cooperation of your network operator. The recipient's device must also be MMS-capable to receive such messages. It's worth mentioning that this feature should not be conflated with RCS or any other messaging capabilities offered by device manufacturers like Samsung Messages or Mi Messages. For a quick assessment of MMS compatibility, it's advisable to explore the demo available here.



Send SMS from your application developed using any programming language.

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Resource friendly and Scalable

In contrast to the majority of similar applications that employ long polling methods for message transmission, SMS Gateway utilizes Firebase Push Notifications. This innovative approach ensures that the server remains unburdened by excessive requests, even in scenarios involving millions of connected devices. Additionally, it contributes to conserving your device's battery life by initiating communication with the server exclusively when new messages require dispatch. However, it's worth noting that if you prefer not to depend on a third-party service like Firebase, SMS Gateway can still be employed independently, offering you greater control over your messaging system.


Tracks message status

The Admin Panel of SMS Gateway includes a feature that displays the status of messages sent through the platform. This functionality allows you to conveniently track and monitor the delivery and status of your sent messages.


Limit users

Control how many devices your users can register, how many messages they can send, how many contacts they can store and when their account will expire.

add user

Create users

In SMS Gateway, each user acSMS Gateway offers the flexibility to create additional user accounts, allowing them to utilize the platform from their mobile phones. This multi-user functionality empowers you to extend access to SMS Gateway to team members or collaborators, facilitating efficient communication and management of messaging tasks across multiple users and devices.count is equipped with its own blacklist feature. Users have the capability to add specific phone numbers to their personal blacklist, preventing messages from being sent to those numbers. Additionally, subscribers can opt to reply with "STOP," which will automatically add their number to the user's blacklist. This functionality ensures that unwanted messages can be easily avoided and enhances user control over their messaging preferences.

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Value for your money. 100% Satisfaction

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Value for your money. 100% Satisfaction

⏱️Limited time offer! Hit The Button & Grab It Now !!!​⏱️


🤔 Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

Question 1. From Where can i download the Mobile App?

Answer – You can directly download the app apk file from here

Question 2. Can i send Flash SMS from this Software?

Answer – No, It is not possible to use flash SMS.

Question 3. Can I use a 4g dongle and SIM card to send?

Answer – It only works with Android device capable of sending messages. You can try out the demo from following link.

Question 4. Is it possible to test the demo version without buying the product?

Answer – Yes, It is possible. Make sure you are using the latest version of the APK. Use the “Download App” link from the navigation on the left side after you log in to the demo panel.

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